Feb 16, 2011

Giveaways Celebrating New York Fashion Week

Hey Ladies,
GIVEAWAYS!!!! This Wed, Thurs, and Friday I will be posting 3 tees that 3 lucky women will get a shot at winning :-)
Today I had some fun at Samsung at the Time Warner Bldg in NYC and posed on a green screen to make it look like I'm a model on the runway. Cool, right?? The 3 tees I am wearing are the 3 styles I'll be giving away. Here is the 1st photo below...
To get your chance to win any of the 3 :: Just make sure you have signed up for our mailing list by this weekend. Winners will be announced this Saturday.
Good Luck, Ladies!!
Xoxo, Katie


  1. That's just wonderful, Katie! Look forward to see more such announcements!

  2. I think what you are doing is fabulous! I shared this with all my friends on fb as I have many teens and their friends who view my page. My site is for us older gals (I am 45)...but I try to be current with all fashion...However, not all style look appropriate on 35 and ups, in my opinion....

    Please check out my blog.


  3. Hi Katie,

    Very nice blog.

    How do I contact you?

    can you contact me at: lori.modestsea@gmail.com ?

    Lori Stevens

  4. @Katie. I really expect you to have some fashion exposure and interest. I really found your blog interesting and fabulous so there's such a thing in my mind which says that your a good fashion analyst.